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KellyOCG delivers better MSP and RPO solutions, honestly. And we're prepared to prove it as a sponsor at the upcoming CWS Summit Europe. Our team promises to cut the corporate to tell the real, unfiltered truth as a leader in workforce solutions.

Don't believe us? Stop by our booth and you'll see proof that were willing to go further than anyone else when it comes to proving our credentials. You can even take the honesty challenge yourself. Our in-booth Forensic Psychophysiologist will connect you to her real polygraph machine and put your honesty to the test in this fun, one-of-a-kind experience.

Still don't believe us? Connect with our onsite team at CWS (scroll down for full details):

  • Stop by our booth
  • Register to attend our evening event on 9th May
  • Check out our speaker spotlight session
  • Join our roundtable session
  • Schedule a time to meet with our team and stop by our Kelly X Innovation Lab

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Evening Event

Join KellyOCG at the Hyde Café behind the reception at the Royal Lancaster from 6:15 to 10:15 pm on Tuesday, 9th May. Come for one or stay for a few! This casual event gives you the opportunity to network and relax after a jam packed first day of the CWS Summit. Stop in for a cocktail, a bite, and the chance to catch up.


Date/time: Tuesday, 9 May 2023, 11:30am - 12:45pm

Topic: Rate Card Strategies During Economically Challenging Times

Moderator: Diane Vermunicht, KellyOCG

Speaker Spotlight

Date/time: Tuesday, 9 May 2023, 4:15-5pm

Is Your Organisations' Culture Ready for Better Contingent Workforce Management?

Managing change during times of uncertainty can be hard. We get that. Coupled with an organisational culture that is not always readily receptive to that change and it can make your role seem impossible. Whether you are looking to build a business case to implement a new contingent workforce programme or have an existing programme that you are evolving and elevating, the insights from our panel of experts who have been there and experienced what you're going through will be invaluable. Join this session to gain honest and practical advice on how to get started and manage your organisation through the change you need to make an impact.

Moderator: Jacqui Whyatt, KellyOCG

Panellists: Adelle Harrington, KellyOCG; Stephen Day, Kantar; Adriana Jaton Serey, Galderma; Jan-Willem Weijers, Alliander

Kelly X Innovation Lab

Solving your organization’s unique workforce challenges requires innovation and thinking outside the box. The KellyX Digital Innovation Lab is coming back to CWS Europe to talk all things innovation and design thinking with HR and Procurement leaders. Join our experts, Nadja Andersen, Reinout Brons and Tim Pröhm, for an open discussion tailored to your organization and challenges. Learn more about:

•    Workforce tech including a preview of upcoming releases of Helix UX
•    The evolution of Services Procurement
•    The future of the Human Cloud
•    Smart automation in the MSP space including RPA
•    Lessons learned from other clients on the journey to Total Talent
•    The workforce of the future with AR, Digital Workers, etc.
•    How the KellyX Digital Innovation strategy helps clients invent solutions
•    And more